Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Learning to Garden!

Two years ago my husband build me a set of three garden boxes.  And we have harvested around 2 lbs of tomatoes... period.  For some reason we, or dare I say, I have a hard time growing things.  For some reason I felt that I was living in the movie, Field of Dreams, and chanting my mantra of "if you build it they will come".  Apparently building a garden box did not produce instant vegetables.  So when I found this book I figured to check it out.  First off we have a limited amount of space and second little to zero knowledge of how to garden.  My mom's fiance is a master gardener, meaning he looks at a plant and it grows, harvest and prepares itself. 

I am not like that.  I am however an expert tomato hornworm spotter.  My kids are expert tomato hornworm squishers.  My husband is an expert at being patient while his wife tries to figure this all out.

Yet when I opened the pages of this book I felt that I was given a second chance.  Our money paid for the garden boxes was not going to go down the drain.  While it reads like a book about gardening, lots of facts and details, limited on the fun fiction-y type of wording, it was full of information that I look forward to implementing.

It covers the right amount of ingredients to have in your soil and how to test your soil.  I am learning about what and when to plant.  It is great fun to learn about all the heirloom varieties that I can grow.  Since my garden was already full of beautiful tomato plants (who were viciously attack by a pack of hungry squirrels) I need to wait to amend my soil and buy some new plants.

I love this book for its simplicity and easy to follow instructions.  I really look forward to adding all the knowledge gained to my poor little garden!

** I was given this book to review for free from Blogging for Books.com!!

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