Friday, May 9, 2014

Vegan Carrot Dogs!

Ok... I follow a ton of vegans, on Facebook and Instagram.  The "Carrot Dog" thing has been making its rounds.  I have been hesitant to try it since my husband and I both agree that if you want to be vegan why should you eat "pretend meat".  Does that mean that you secretly want to go back to eating meat?  But that is another subject.

I pushed aside the idea of making these carrot dogs for months now... but we have a big camping trip planned and hot dogs and camping seem to go hand in hand.  They are such an easy food to prepare and they are hand held.  So I sucked it up and found a recipe.  One of my oldest friends posted on her Instagram that she made them... so I asked her for the recipe...

She referred me to the Clean Eating Veggie Girl.  This is the recipe that I followed... Vegan Carrot "Hot Dogs".  I have to say that I was so amazed at how good these were.  I mean, honestly, how could a carrot in any way resemble a hot dog.  But the crunch of the carrot was gone and all the marinade had taken over and made this super smoky goodness.

After taking the photo I added ketchup, mustard and sauerkraut... my favorite hot dog toppings.  But the skies the limit with these puppies.  They actually give you the feeling of a hot dog without all the... the... processed gross-ness that they are.  I got my 6 year old to take a bite but he spit it out.  I think he will come around one day.  My husband has yet to try them but I am hopeful.

These are fantastic and I look forward to joining around the campfire with my omnivorous friends on our camping trip... score one for vegans!!!