Sunday, January 4, 2015

Christmas Tradition

Last year I started the tradition of making a homemade sweet bread for breakfast on Christmas morning.  Unlike my mom I didn't make my kids wait until the dough was done rising and the darn thing was done baking before presents could be opened.  Instead I made the cinnamon rolls and put them in the oven.  Once we were done opening presents the cinnamon rolls were done and everyone was happy...

And yet I wasn't.  In 2013 I made the cinnamon rolls from Happy Herbivore.  And my oldest decided to call them my famous cinnamon rolls.  I remembered them being yummy and delicious.  So I went back to them for 2014.  But they didn't turn out the same.  I was sad and it seemed to leave us all wanting more.  Every recipe I have tried from the Happy Herbivore I have loved... but I wanted ooey gooey buttery cinnamon rolls.  I didn't want whole-wheat fat-free.  If you want that type you can find it here.  I wanted to indulge on Christmas morning.

So I searched for a vegan cinnamon roll recipe to try.  And try it I did.  Yesterday my oldest son and I headed for the kitchen.  While he was more moral support than actual support, we still had fun.  These cinnamon rolls don't really use that much butter (well the vegan kind) but they are just what I wanted.  My youngest stated they taste like a churro... which is great for a 4 year old.  My husband loved them... basically my whole family did.

We have found a new favorite... while I want to make this exclusively on Christmas morning... it just might be made a few times throughout the year.

You can find the recipe on the Minimalist Baker website.

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