Monday, April 14, 2014

Where do I get my recipes?

I get many questions regarding all my vegan food posts.  My favorite has been... Do you really cook all that food?  But most people want to know where I get my recipes from.

Since becoming a whole food plant based family I have been cooking for my family fresh, non processed meals.  Almost everything I make come out of a cookbook.  I have 6 cookbooks that I utilize when planning meals for my family (which is another post in of itself).

If you follow me on instagram @plantbasedhousewife you will notice that the first three hashtags are always the same... #plantbasedhousewife #plantbased #plantstrong.  The 4th one will always be the cookbook that I got it from.  Below you will find the list of my favorite cookbooks:

I will keep a list of the recipes that I cook out of each book, along with my review and the review of my omnivore husbands.  Cooking in an omnivore household is very challenging and rewarding when they like it!

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